Love of Words Influences Art

I am a typography artist that lives and works in Minnesota. I have been in love with words for as long as I can remember - writing them anyway. As a child, I would doodle and practice my script over and over on everything I could find! My mom said I used to wait for my Dad to call just before noon each day to see if she wanted him to bring anything home from the store he worked at. Little by little there appeared a tiny person on the wallpaper by the phone - first two little eyes, then a smile, then curly hair - I was designing!

In school I was always the one who created the covers for the programs and the signs that trailed around the gym cheering our team on. In my early adulthood, I took a calligraphy class - and fell in love. From there I made posters, banners, and plywood signs - eventually owning a redwood sign shop where I was the designer and artisan.

I love brush lettering and markers of every kind and like to manipulate text, colors, and textures with watercolor and acrylic techniques to create my backgrounds. The quotes that I use speak to me and tell me what colors and embellishments work with them.