Bruce was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to New York for college to study science with an art minor and an eye on a career in Dentistry. During junior year, after passing his dental school admission boards, he had what he has come to call his "mid-college crisis" and started having second thoughts about his career choice. With guidance and support from his very level headed and understanding parents, and an eventual college yearbook quote of "The most terrifying words a parent will ever hear: 'Mom, Dad, I want to go to art school,' " he decided to defer his dental school acceptance and get an internship at a design studio. Several months later he applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology, and after being accepted, very politely told dental school no thank you. Never looking back, Bruce graduated from FIT with a degree in Packaging Design, and has since enjoyed a successful career in children's fashion and home product design.

Through his art, Bruce likes to bring style and fun to life, and a smile to your face. He gravitates toward bold, contemporary and graphic designs with fresh, impactful color combinations, and draws inspiration from Mid-century modern, global pop culture and nature. Focused on creating cohesive art collections that are on trend, youthful in spirit and playful, Bruce strives to impart a colorful sense of optimism and a fashionable aesthetic that can be applied to many different product designs. He's always on the lookout for the next big thing to inspire his work.