I see my opportunity as a photographer as a platform to raise the global awareness of society to the magic dogs possess thru visual imagery. There is a dire need to expand the human mind to the unlimited potential of not only dogs, but of the entire animal kingdom. I truly believe the animals of this earth are our teachers. They have a message to deliver, and I take it upon myself to be the messenger.

In order to achieve such lofty ambition, I gotta have people’s attention. So the approach I take is to create images that are thought provoking and compelling, yet with a subtle and honest representation... photos that give people pause... at least for a moment.

I love the word “authenticity.” It’s what matters most to me in a photograph... it’s what I strive for when I shoot. That’s probably why I am so drawn to shoot both animals and sports. There’s no fluff, no false pretense of character... it is what it is, nothing but truth, and they wear it on their sleeve.

My influences over the years are too numerous to list, but it’s the remarkable generosity of those around me that relentlessly push my evolution as an artist. My mentors are also integral components of my talented team. We are all of one mind, one spirit in our mission. Our agenda is vast and broad reaching, so stay tuned, it’s been a really fun journey so far...

Disclaimer: There were no animals harmed in the creation of this profile pic. Chouka is family, and truly has a flare for dramatic expressions.