Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel

A talented artist and devoted Franciscan nun, the art created by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel between 1932 and her untimely death in 1946, is renowned for characteristic simplicity, celebration of innocence, and warm reflection on human nature.

Sister Hummel’s natural, simple, harmonious and sometimes humorous works focus on the essential elements of the unspoiled innocence of childhood, Sister recognized childhood as an occasion of ‘peace and goodness’ that must be protected for each generation of children.

The enduring quality of the art, and the constant reminder that it is ‘all about the children’ is an appeal to the heart that spawned a worldwide legacy now into its second century.
Since 1932 the craftsmen of ARS AG, Switzerland, have reproduced the sacred art of Sister M.I. Hummel to be loved and enjoyed by countless generations.