Babies give us joy, delight and great comfort. We delight in first smiles, and we cherish every new tooth, and even laugh at dirty diapers! But all is not blissful in the baby world!

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and babysitters, have all shared in the exasperations of babiness: the green peas smeared into the carpet, the lipstick mashed into the cd player, the miles of tape stripped from your favorite oldies cassette, feeding the dog a dirty diaper, pulling out the toilet paper, eating enough sand to poop a pearl
– and the list goes on….!

The way we see it – the baby bottle is half full – but sometimes it’s half full of poop!!!

So instead of practicing safe sex, let’s celebrate those sleepless nights, 20 hour days, colicky kids, dirty diapers, gummed up cell phones and mini-vans!