It’s a dog’s life, ain’t it? From lounging on the sofa, rooting in the garbage for dirty diapers and other unspeakable things, to stealing table scraps, chasing cars, barking at shadows and rolling in some thoroughly gnarly and supremely offensive unrecognizable substance – dogs have a lot to deal with. Whether they’re getting bathed or dressed up in comic costume, being chased by the dog warden, or ripping a stuffed animal to shreds and eating the button eyes…’s pure unadulterated canine chaos!

However no matter how much we scold them or threaten with a rolled up newspaper, in the end, we can’t help looking into those big soulful eyes of man’s best friend – and melting like butter.

Our marvelous mutts have a unique quality to love unconditionally and be faithful no matter what. They forgive and forget and are true to the end. We believe that the world is a better place when we get a wet sloppy kiss, a wet nose, goosed by the hound, or a wagging tail to welcome us.

From the creators of the hilariously funny and hugely successful Life is Crap – a testimony to the healing powers of laughter, comes Life is Ruff ™ a whacky and endearing look at man’s “best friend” and how rough their life really can be !!!! Welcome to the world of Life is Ruff ™ a colorful creation of canine calamity! Their bark is always bigger than their bite. Bark a little and pee on a tree! It will make you feel better!