Verdayle Forget was trained as a still life artist by British Master Dennis Ramsay in his studio on the White Cliffs of Dover in Deal Kent. it was there that she learned to see rather than just look at the surface.
After her husband’s retirement they returned to the Seattle area where sadly he passed away shortly after they arrived. Verdayle moved to Camano Island to repair her life and bring her work back into focus. She returned her attention to the animals and horses she so loved. She has been active in wildlife preservation. The Hornrocker Wildlife Institute (Siberian Tiger Project) reinforced her love for big cats. She has been up close and personal and cage-less with Snow Leopards, Cheetahs. With her love for eagles an opportunity arose to observe eagles in the wild in their nests through a live U-stream feed camera. In conjunction with The Mountain Corp. she designed a tee shirt that sold in every continent on the planet. She has licensed her inspiring art on a wide variety if product including apparel, paper goods, tile, dinnerware, wall decor, and more. Of late she has turned her passion and creativity to capturing baby animals in the wild with a Brand called Baby Wild.